Located in Springfield, Kentucky, (just 55 miles south of downtown Louisville), LB Manufacturing has been providing technology-driven welding, stamping and assembly services for the automotive industry continuously since 1998.  Our leadership team implements proven lean manufacturing processes throughout every level of operations with a dedicated focus on continuous improvement. 

Facility Features

  • 100,000 square feet
  • 3,000 kva electrical service
  • High-tech robotic welding systems
  • On-site storage of argon and CO2 welding gasses
  • Eco-conscious facility management


Workforce and Office Systems

  • Non-union shop
  • Highly qualified and motivated staff
  • Team approach to problem-solving and strategic planning
  • Two-week technical skills training required prior to hiring
  • EDI and electronic scheduling and accounting systems


Management Team

  • Keith Hamilton, President
  • Dwayne Hogan, Plant Manager
  • Andre Foster, Account Manager
  • Allen Carrico, Engineering Manager
  • Chris Corbin, Production Manager
  • JD Williams, Quality Manager
  • Jeff Sellers, Sr. Accountant
  • Dana Hayden, Human Resource & Administrative Assitant